ITLP in Tanzania, 2012


June, 2012--- ITLP returned to northern Tanzania to work with the students at St. Margaret’s Academy and Nkoanrua Secondary School.  Six teaching artists collaborated with school teachers and ITLP Tanzanian alumni to help lead groups of 20 students through writing exercises, movement games and visual art projects to help mine their world for material and find inspiration.  The resulting plays explored themes of love, familial obligation, political betrayal and hope for a better future.  The commitment of the students was inspiring, arriving early to prepare and practice, with a focus and determination to have their voices heard.


Teaching Artists:

Grace Gachocha Nkaka – Actress, arts educator – ITLP TZ Director, 2012

Farah Bala—actress, arts educator

Kate Cook—actress, arts educator

Parricia Ione Lloyd--- playwright, actress, arts educator

Juan Manzo – actor, director, arts educator

Ronald Nkaka – Tanzanian musician, performing artists, IT tech consultant

Vickie Tanner – playwright, actress, arts educator


The projects culminated in a performance before an audience of 300 on the Patandi Soccer field.  Using vivid costumes, original songs and live music; the audience was transported to worlds where magical crows reunite a girl with her mother, a young woman has the freedom to choose who she will love and marry, and a young man has the opportunity to run for political office and create a better world.  The students were deeply proud to hear that during the performance, a captivated audience member turned to a friend and said “Their English is so good!”

The program was directed by Grace Gachocha Nakaka who also led professional development workshops introducing theater techniques into daily instruction for the teachers of Nkoandrua Secondary School for two weeks after the iTLP residency with the students. 

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